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Construction Site Electric Fences

PermanecCCS - construction site electric fence Creating a secure perimeter is the first step in construction site, temporary site, and void property protection. Not only do fences establish a secure space for your teams and partners to work effectively, but you also create a boundary with the local area, sending a message to potential intruders.

On a building site, there are many smart reasons to use electric fencing:

  • Secure scaffolding systems
  • Deters climbing of scaffolding
  • Eliminate vandalism of works or buildings
  • Deter-detect-defend-deny



We use SiteSecure™ electric fences for their quality, mobility, and reliability. Prepared to emit a legal 10,000 volts of electricity, the warning signs alone are all it takes to make your point loud and clear. SiteSecure™ was designed to protect scaffolding in situ alongside buildings, bridges, and other large infrastructures. On temporary sites such as hotels, building renovations, statues, and high-rise tower blocks where scaffolding is used, SiteSecure’s™ mobility makes it easy to take down and use for other building sites—a smart investment for any construction company.  At Permanex, all of our electric fencing is fully monitored, with outputs available for local or remote surveillance.

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Galliford Try have been using Permanex for the last 15 years and have always found them to be good value for money, friendly and reliable. They are always there to respond to any issues or queries and seem to use the most up to date technology for the job.