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Construction, Void & Temporary Site Security Introduction


Whether you are seeking security solutions for your construction site, a temporary site such as an installation for a sporting event or concert, or a void property, Permanex can do it all.

At Permanex, we customize our security systems to the specific project and needs of the client. Working with your requirements and budgets, we provide a free site survey, offer a range of recommended security solutions, and install them for you. And with programmes starting at as little as £50 per week, you can afford to be professional, diligent and secure.


What to Consider When Looking for Custom Site Security Systems:

  • Is the local area surrounding the site high, medium, or low risk?
  • Is this a high-profile project that draws extra attention and risk?
  • What stage of the build is this: just getting off the ground, first, or second fix?
  • How many people are on site during the day? Will there be anyone on site at night?
  • What kind of equipment or level of secure information could be there for the taking?


Calculating the Risk

In the interest of keeping costs low, every business owner is guilty of some level of risk when drawing up a budget. And frankly, dedicating a line item to such an intangible as security may not seem worth it. However, if you and your client have just sunk millions of pounds in a new development or project, why cut corners when it comes to protecting your investment?  As a treasure trove of expensive equipment and sensitive proprietary information, construction and temporary sites are a target-rich environment for potential thieves and vandals. Every year in the UK alone, theft and vandalism on building sites is estimated at over £400 million a year—that’s over £1 million per day!  What’s more, even the insurance companies are catching on, so if you fail to provide an approved alarm or CCTV system, any potential claim could be deemed null and void.


Consider The Risks Of Cutting Security Out Of Your Budget:

  • Cost of break-in: theft, arson, fly-tipping, etc.
  • Unnecessary schedule delays
  • Loss of profit and/or confidential information
  • Client’s loss of faith in your company’s professionalism and competence
  • Loss of credibility in the marketplace
  • Non-compliance with CDM regulations or HSE requirements
  • Failure to have damages paid by insurance


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Facts & Figures

Construction industry theft in the UK is thought to produce losses in the region of between £600 million and £1 billion per year. This may be due to lapses in procedure or the absence of effective security measures. British Security Industry Association

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